• Why Nirvana Live Unplugged Concert left such a long lasting Trace in Music History

    Nirvana was an American rock band from the ‘90s, formed by their lead singer and guitarist, the well known Kurt Cobain.

    The band was active since 1987. – 1994. ending its very successful carrier with the death of its lead man by suicide. There were many controversies surrounding his death, but one thing is certain – Nirvana remains to this day one of the most influential music bands of our time.

    Nirvana was a part of that famous ‘Seattle sound’ or better yet Grunge scene. Their first album ‘Bleach’ (1989.) did good to establish the band on that particular scene, while their second studio album, entitled ‘Nevermind’ (1991.) skyrocketed the band to eternal glory.

    In 1993, the band released its third studio album ‘In Utero’, and they were forever sealed as legends.

    Their music was known for its dynamic contrast, often between quiet verses and loud choruses. The mood of the music was so intense, so in your face for that age, that Kurt Cobain was proclaimed the ‘spokesman of a generation’. For this reason, Nirvana is often considered a ‘flag ship’ for the later Generation X.

    As for the lyrics, they were often seemingly meaningless, or they had a quiet, almost country tone. They were mostly about pain, dark love, feeling insufficient, and low self esteem.

    Despite what people widely believed, Kurt was a highly skilful guitarist. He also possessed one of the largest collections of famous guitars in the World.

    In 1994, the band held a live unplugged concert that was recorded in New York, and debuted at number one of the Billboard charts upon its release in November, same year.

    The setting for the concert was ingenious. All band members were seated on stools, on a large carpet, with candles and candle holders everywhere around. The mood was perfect. The band transcribed many of their famous hits into unplugged versions, and they produced pure gold.

    They also did a few covers of famous hits from other performers that also completely hit the spot.

    The audience, though in a limited number, was so delighted with this spectacle that they didn’t hesitate to show their emotions all the way through the concert.

    Nirvana Live Unplugged in New York is to this day one of the best unplugged concerts ever, and it is gladly played by millions, reaching astronomical hits on the web.

    Off screen, the band members were, as all rock stars, quite the topic of controversy. Kurt Cobain often times made various outburst in public, demonstrating his careless attitude to everyone, to the delight of his fans. He was married to Courtney Love for his last two years of life, and the couple had a child.

    The bands revenue was so huge and the popularity was so vast, that it had a negative effect on the members, especially on Curt, who stated multiple times that the pressure is too much. He quickly became an addict, and his tragic story seems to begin around that time.

  • Using Your Dash Cam on a Concert of your Favourite Band

    Everyone loves music, and music performed live is a particular treat for any fan. Nowadays, bands earn most revenue by performing live and preparing attractive, crazy, and loud concerts for their audience. Taking photos and videos on just such an occasion is simply inevitable.

    Now, most people plan to use their smart phones and other similar gadgets on this occasion, but what they don’t consider are many risks they take during that time.

    First of all, it is often forbidden to use any device to record a certain performance. But, if it is allowed, the next thing people forget is the extremely low battery life on their phone that is already supposed to serve its purpose and is probably already half way full. Other important things are that phones rarely fit nicely in your hand, if you want to record something with it. They usually require both hands to hold and are simply impractical.

    Then there is the question of memory space, the photo quality, pixel range, etc…

    And, if we talk about recordings…well, phones simply can’t cut it. Their sound recording is poor at best.

    So, people that want a better quality generally turn to other devices that are made solely for that purpose – recording or taking photos, like real cameras. But, the problem is not that many people have cameras.

    While phones can take photos or videos that are of sufficient quality for most everyday situations, here you definitely need something a bit stronger.

    This is where your dash cam comes to play. If you are a car owner, it is a good chance you have a car dashboard camera purchased, if you don’t you can find a best dash cam list on dash cam reviews website.

    No reason not to. These devices help protect your car and the safety of its passengers, they come extremely in handy when some problem occurs on the road. They record everything continuously and even safe keep the recordings of incidents automatically.

    But, their battery life is also limited. If you are to use your dash cam to records something outside of your car, like a music concert, without an external battery you can have up to a 30 minute video. Now, that is not bad and is still much more than phones can do.

    But, the main benefit you gain this way is that a lot of these cameras have extremely well sound recording capabilities, and many of them also take high quality photos, up to 12 or 13 mega pixels. This is pretty impressive and will definitely serve you well on those occasions.

    Also, their video quality is so good, that they can go on average up to 1080p resolution, so you will definitely be much more satisfied with your recordings, picture and sound wise.

    Car dashboard cameras are simply very useful gadgets, with so much versatility that there seems to be no end to their capabilities. With one cheep, simple tool you cover your safety, you have a reliable witness, indisputable proof, and you can use them for what we previously discussed. Making high quality recordings of your favourite good times on a music concert.

  • What’s the Best Spot to be at When Going to a Concert

    This question gets too little attention, but it is simultaneously asked all the time, everywhere. Whenever you go to a concert with your friends, there is always a mini-debate, or perhaps a longer one, about where are you going to be. And it always seems there are that many opinions as there are participants.

    The question is not that hard to perhaps some hardcore fans of a particular band for instance. They immediately want the front row, or what is popularly called the mosh pit. But, sometimes, even then the question arises.

    During the debate you will probably hear diametrically opposite arguments, that are all well justified. Someone will say: ‘let’s go to the mosh pit. I want to see them up close’. Or, someone else may make an argument that the sound is better if you move a bit farther from the stage, in the centre of the mosh pit for instance. Others may want to go to the back, because there is more room, and some may even want a spot on the gallery, or the bleachers, depending where the concert is held.

    These are all good arguments, so one must first carefully assess the situation in hand, or more precisely the conditions in which the concert is being held.

    There are a few questions you must ask first:

    Is the concert being held outside or inside?

    How many people are expected to be present?

    If it’s outside, is it a stadium, or some improvised stage on an empty field perhaps?

    It it’s inside, where is the happening being held?

    Is it a sports hall? A theatre hall? Or a genuine concert hall?

    And lastly, how much money you are willing to spend on your ticket?

    Lets answer the last question first – how much money are you willing to spend?

    Thicket prices differ greatly depending on the place you want. For instance, mosh pit cards are generally the most expensive ones, or second maybe only to the VIP.

    Than next in the cost line are probably the bleachers, and lastly the back row.

    Lets delve deeper into what each of those brings you. The mosh pit or the front row will give you the chance of really seeing the band up close and really get to feel like you met your favourite band in person. It will also allow you to better see any choreography, if there is any. The bleachers will probably bring you better sound than the mosh pit. The VIP box is probably only for the big spenders that want comfort, to enjoy the concert with high style. There are usually drinks served there and such stuff. It will also distance you from the crowd, if you don’t like crowds.

    And, lastly, the back row will let you feel the crowd, but not too much. You will have sufficient room to be comfortable, but also you will be a part of the crowd, if that’s something you like.

    So, we see that all these arguments have an advantage of their own over the others, so there is really no correct answer to the question.

    All you can do is to determine honestly what do you want to experience, and then go for that.