…”Although the competition is strong, Grim Aria has enough advantages to become one of the leaders of the Pennsylvanian underground.””My favorite parts are those with fast, Thrash-oriented drumming and aggressive riffing but Pennsylvanian band is good also when it uses the mid-paced tempo. Grim Aria knows how to change the tempo fluently.”

“Whoa! Brutal thrash/ metal (that some dumbass is probably calling “hardcore” or whatever) with visciously screamed vocals along the lines of Watch Them Die. My only complaint is that there are only 4 songs! Watch for this band!”

…”The music is pure aggression with elements from death metal and thrash metal and also with some shades of black metal in the darker parts. There are intense rhythms in the four tracks here and multiple tempo and ryhthm changes.” …”And this sound is like being close to the PA system in a live concert and when set to high volume is really mindblowing. A crushing release.”

…”The songs are heavy hitting with monsterous, thrashy riffs and grim Death growls. The drums are really powerful and just push the whole thing to the next level.””I think anyone into good Thrash / Death Metal will certainly need to check these guys out.”

…”What I do know is that the guitars are riffing out thrashy licks with a bunch of those high-pitched notes that makes me nod my head real hard, the singers rough brutality are complimenting the guitars real good, and the drummer knows a great deal on how to play it hard(!) and varied to give it the perfect wall of loudness background.”

…”These guys play some really good aggressive Thrash Metal music. They have a great blend of old school & new school influences. They also toss in some Death Metal elements as well.”…”
“These guys are a band to watch & they help do the Pennsylvania music scene proud!!!”

…”The Pennsylvanian four piece begin their life in my conscience with this four song EP of 80’s structured thrash with a vocalist straight out of the Toxine (Witchery, Satanic Slaughter) school of throat scraper. This sounds really good and shows a good understanding of what makes a good thrash song.”

…”serious thrash metal with a touch of death metal. Great riffs that had my head banging and the vocals are nice growls of death”…
“Can’t wait for some new material. A band that should be heard and signed.”